This is me. Wow! I look at this picture and I can’t believe how far I’ve grown since I first started teaching yoga. I see these eyes looking back at me: strong, loving, reaching for connection, and I’m grateful. This strong and open state of being was not always the case for me.

A definition of health that resonates with me most comes from an Ayurveda Text: “a healthy person is one whose elements are balanced [...] and one who is established in oneself.” This kind of health is what yoga practice promises. Wherever you’re coming from, however, broken or deep your longing to heal, you can connect to that person you desire to meet the most — your true self.

When I look at this picture I see the journey of me establishing myself in my body, establishing myself in the five elements and establishing my spirit in this life, which has been excruciatingly challenging at times.






Holli's yoga therapy has been an immensely valuable source of support for me on my journey to recovery from anorexia.


With wisdom, empathy and love, Holli has helped me approach intensely difficult emotions safely, and to work through those towards new understandings and perspectives about how, and what, I need to heal.


The practices she has given me have become important parts of my daily routine, and have helped me learn to ground myself, accept and move through my emotions, and cultivate a sense of belonging and trust.


I have no doubt that my journey has been - and will continue to be - richer and more fruitful from Holli's support. 

—  Penny, 30's