The Donkey Skin Sisters Reading

My upcoming play is having a public youtube reading in The Blossoming New Play Festival after a year long writing development from The Vagrancy. Please Join us to help make this play come to life! 

Tuesday, August 31
5pm Launch 
7:30 Talkback


After a ten-year estrangement, Billie and Cameron are far from their childhood fantasies of becoming a country music sister duo, The Donkey Skin Sisters. We meet them at a prison where Billie is on death row. Cameron, now a professor in musical history, comes to visitations trying to understand how they ended up in two very different places. This musical reinvents country classics to chronicle the two sisters’ journey through coping and drowning with sexual trauma in their childhood. While Billie is forced to reckon with her crimes, both sisters are left with harrowing questions: Where does the buck stop? Who is truly guilty? How does someone seek redemption when bearing generations of unaccountability? They come to remember what they knew as children: their only salvation can be found in the music.


Playwriting Bio

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My plays investigate deep heartache, womanhood, southern culture and surviving trauma. I want to understand my own existence and one of the best philosophical ways I know how to do this is through imagination and dialogue.  I will continue to ask hard and personal questions through play making. 


I'm a playwright and teaching artist from Fort Worth, Texas. My plays have been produced and developed at my alma mater Cornell College, Iowa City, Chicago, Austin, University of Texas and New Castle, Australia.  My play, PEACH BLOOD was selected for the main stage series at Cornell College. In Austin, my experimental play SCAVENGER HEART was workshopped in the UT’s 2009 Lab Series and THE CHRONICLES OF BAD ASS WOMEN was produced in the Cohen New Works Festival in March 2011. In the summer of 2012, I self-produced a basketball love story between two teammates, THE SIXTH MAN.

I hold a B.A. in English and Theater from Cornell College and an M.F.A in Playwriting at the University of Texas at Austin where I also found a passion for teaching yoga. In 2010 I attended the Theater of the Oppressed Conference in Kalkutta where I began to deeply respect political and educational theater. Later, I trained in Drama Based Instruction through the Summer Institute at UT. For the last six years I've been running a yoga business and training others in the art of storytelling through the body. Now, I'm excited to be the moderator for The Vagrancy’s inaugural Blossoming Writers’ Group in Grand Rapids, MI. 


2009 - 2012

University of Texas in Austin

2003 - 2007

Cornell College

I received my MFA from the University of Texas. I learned so many skills for playwrighting and storytelling but also the art of teaching. 

I majored in English Literature and Theater. I was passionate about the written word. It wasn't until my junior year that I took my first playwrighting class and I found my niche. After that class I wrote 3 full length plays and several ten minute plays. I was hungry for writing!

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