What Is Yoga Thearpay?

We can think of Yoga Therapy as a combination of a physical therapist, a personal trainer and a psycho-therapist all wedded together.

Yoga Therapy is a burgeoning modality for holistically treating people with yoga postures, breathing techniques and yoga philosophy. Now psychotherapists, psychiatrists and physiotherapists are making yoga a necessary addition to their training.


With the knowledge gained from my advanced trainings, I employ physical anatomy, subtle anatomy of meridians and chakras as well as the elemental therapy of Ayurveda to design specific sequences for each client. My treatment is determined by physical symptoms, the client's specific dosha (elemental constitution) as well as the client's desire for change. If the student is committed and willing to dedicate their time and energy these practices will target their specific ailments, balance their energy, provide them confidence in their own inherent ability to heal and improve their attitude about themselves, their relationships and the world.

People come to yoga therapy for numerous reasons. I've seen folks that need to strengthen their core. I've also helped those with major musculoskeletal issues like a bulging disc. I've worked with chronic illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis and even more subtle mental disturbances like depression and anxiety.


Yoga Therapy has personally aided in my healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Before I even knew what yoga was I would go to my room, stretch and strengthen by counting my breath and I found my mind in a different state within thirty minutes. I could feel the internal mechanisms changing to a calm environment despite my external environment being one of chaos. Even as a young child I became aware of the power and magic of Yoga.


 I have had many physical goals and will continue to have them, but the ultimate goal always has been and always will be to know my breath like an intimate friend.

According to Indian Theory, we are made of five elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. So when looking at imbalances or illnesses it would only make sense to look at the foundation of what we are made of in this world. This is why all of Eastern Medicines use the elements in their healing modalities. I use the elemental systems of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine within the yoga practices and routines I give to students. 


Nature is essential to connecting and healing. Any chance I get, I practice outside. I'm never more connected and more within my Yoga as when I am exposed to the elements.

Why Elemental Theory

is Key...